L3DFX Proudly Served as an Innovation Partner for this year’s Thea Awards Gala

The annual TEA Thea Awards are the Oscars of the themed entertainment industry. This year, in honor of the Awards’ 30th anniversary, L3DFX joined TEA as a presenting sponsor for the annual TEA Inspire Week and as the scenic sponsor for the Awards Gala.

As our president and founder, Paul Ciesiun shared, “The Thea Awards represent and celebrate excellence. We have wanted to give back to our colleagues and peers in a unique way, and we embraced the opportunity to build the stage for the Thea Awards gala.”

The theme throughout the week was “be in the room where it happens,” and with more than 800 attending the Thea Awards, L3DFX proudly stood alongside the nominees, winners, and industry creators and innovators from around the world. And if being in the room was the first part of the night, standing on the stage was the most special.

“Highlighting the nominees and hearing from the winners themselves is the reason we come together for the Thea Awards,” Paul continued. “We were proud to pull our team together to design and build the round stage for Gala’s presenters and winners. Working alongside RWS’s talented production team, we created a stage that had a graceful backstage entrance for the presenters and a seamless ramp for the winners to easily access from their seats.”

This was the first year L3DFX partnered with TEA to support TEA Inspire Week. Paul, alongside our Chief of Sales and Business Development, Emily Popovich, joined the presenters and attendees in Hollywood, California for the informative sessions and networking events.

“It was exciting to be with so many of our close friends and collaborators, as well as make new connections with industry innovators,” shared Emily. “TEA Inspire has always been one of the most recognized events in the industry, and it was a special opportunity that Paul and I could represent the L3DFX team at this global experience.”

“It was also an honor to present the Thea Award for Musikkfabrikken from Hunderfossen Adventure Park in Norway. I loved standing on the very stage our team designed and that our own Lead Carpenter, Jack Matson, built.”

“Being a part of the themed entertainment industry means a great deal to all of us,” Paul finished. “I’m so proud of how our team pulled together to create the stage for the Thea Awards, while remaining focused on our many client projects. Thank you, TEA, for giving us the opportunity to sponsor and support the 30th anniversary of the Thea Awards. We are already looking forward to next year.”

The 2024 Thea Awards Ceremony can be seen here.

Media Contact

Emily R. Popovich, ICAE

Chief of Sales and Business Development
L3DFX Design and Fabrication