L3DFX Colors Crayonville With New Traveling Experience

Big machines. Coloring. Building. L3DFX.  What kid doesn’t love all those things?

While kids may not know what L3DFX is, they now have the chance to engage with some of the design firm’s more vibrant – and fast – sets to date! Kubota Tractor Corporation (and its iconic orange brand color) and Crayola fueled an imaginative partnership that hit the road in May. Together the companies created a partnership highlighting the unique – and creative – role machines have in our communities. The Kubota Machine Adventure will visit five Crayola Experience locations throughout the US.

Crayola collaborated with L3DFX to create an immersive experience that puts kids in the middle of the action. Kids engage with more than 20 hands-on activities featuring Kubota’s orange equipment, such as excavators, tractors, movers, and more, in the fictional town of Crayonville.

Tasked with seamlessly blending Crayola’s playful and iconic brand with Kubota’s big machines, L3DFX developed sets to put kids in the middle of colorful scenes. Projects included providing immersive backdrops and 3D environments for activities, including:

  • Working on a pint-sized pit crew at the Crayonville Raceway
  • Recording a racing broadcast from the news desk of Crayola Channel 64
  • Working a hand-operated excavator in front of an arena of Crayonville’s colorful residents
  • And More!

The family attractions that make up the “Kubota Machine Adventure” were created to inspire the next generation and fuel their imaginations to develop and use Kubota machines to solve problems while having fun. Power and color drive the experience, and L3DFX proudly united the vision and goals of Kubota and Crayola Experience to bring Crayonville to life.

The Kubota Machine Adventure – and L3DFX’s vibrant sets – launched on May 17, arrived first in Orlando, Fla. From there, it will travel to Crayola Experiences at the Mall of America/Bloomington, Minn.; Easton, Pa.; Plano, Texas; and Chandler, Ariz.