Safety Considerations

Making Your Themed Attractions COVID-19 Mindful

With a year having passed since the start of the pandemic, no one would have ever guessed that the two-week lockdown would have turned into such a monumental turning point for public health and safety.

But with a handful of states lifting mask mandates, businesses reopening at full capacity, and other COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, it is still important to ensure guest safety by continuing to take precautions and incorporate mindful elements into attraction designs to avoid a crisis like this from happening again.

Here are some safety elements we believe are important to incorporate into your attraction’s plans:

Keep Personal Hygiene a Top Priority.

Make hand sanitizer stations readily available to guests and employees alike. Find fun ways to work hand sanitizer stations into the attraction theme while keeping them easily recognizable. Make sure they are always filled and ready for use. An additional step to take is encouraging guests to wash their hands before entering your attraction or exhibit.

Reduce Physical Touchpoints.

We know interactive attractions have always been exciting and engaging, and touch activations are a core element to interaction; there are creative alternatives for reducing the need for guests to physically touch the attraction while keeping it just as exciting. Instead of button activations, opt for motion sensors wherever and whenever it is possible. If touch is required, incorporate step activation to eliminate germ transmission.

Adapt Exhibits for Natural Social Distancing.

Adapt exhibits and guest plans for naturally accommodating social distancing. Whether this is letting small groups go at a time or physically spacing your attraction out with wider walkways and distance between stopping points, plan accordingly to keep guests comfortable and safe within your attraction. And do make sure also to incorporate proper ventilation methods if you are creating an indoor attraction!

Create a Cleaning Plan

Since the cleaning standard had increased, I have found myself wondering multiple times, why weren’t we cleaning like this before? Just because we’re returning to normal doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to learn from and techniques to take with us moving forward, especially cleaning. Properly train staff on cleaning measures that need to be taken and create an easy-to-follow cleaning plan that keeps your guests safe and works for your attraction.

These are just a few ideas and methods that we agree on to keep guests and staff safe. While “normal” might not look the same as it used to, we still believe that it is 100% possible to create fun, exciting experiences that keep safety and security at the forefront! Here at L3DFX, we have various techniques and methods, dependable and new, to help you design and create thrilling experiences that make guests glad you care about their well-being and not just entertainment.